About Us

Afro German Chemicals Est. PLC (AGC), formerly known as Hoechst Ethiopia Pvt. Ltd.Co., was established on August 1966. When first established, it was owned fifty-fifty by Hoechst AG of Frankfurt, Germany, and Eutraco of Vevey, Switzerland. It remained so until 1996. Following the restructuring Hoechst AG and the resulting changes of it's business all over the world, Hoechst Ethiopia was sold on October 1996 to a group of Germans, represented by Mr. Fred Ghaemi, Owner/Manager of Intermatex East Africa Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. Intermatex is, at the same time, our supplier for Textile machinery, accessories and spare parts. Even though the word, "Chemicals" is part of the name of the company, Afro German Chemicals Est. PLC deals with many more other products, as is shown in the details under the activities of the five departments of the company.

The objective of the company has all along been to act as Representatives/Agent of various reputed companies, to import and distribute raw materials and manufactured goods of these companies and to participate in tenders on behalf of these companies.

To successfully accomplish its objectives and to comply with the requirements of the suppliers it represents, AGC performs its task under five departments headed by well-qualified and experienced managers.

These Departments are:

  • Chemical Department
  • Pharmaceuticals Department
  • Printing Department
  • Textile & Leather Department

Departments like pharmaceuticals have in addition sales men and other technical staff to support its services to clients.

With a current work force of 23 permanent employees, of which 10 are fully involved in sales, an experience in the Ethiopian market for over 40 years and the internationally acclaimed suppliers it represents, AGC is a well known partner for many of the industries and services giving establishments in Ethiopia. Its clients either buy directly from the varied stock products it handles at its warehouse or get its services through tender businesses.

AGC is located in central and convenient place in Addis Ababa, where its clients could reach it with the greatest ease.

Clients outside Addis Ababa are either covered by our own or through Sub-Agents appointed in various regions of the country.